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Sun and Surf Restaurant
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The Sun and Surf Restaurant has been a family-run business and a fixture on York Beach since its inception. Locals joke that it seems as if half of York Beach has worked there at some point in their lives, boiling lobsters or taking orders for fried clams through their summer vacations.

In 1963, Normand “The Boss” Ramsey opened a take-out hot dog and clam hut on the lot across from the old Anchorage Hotel he’d bought in York Beach Maine. A family affair from the start, Normand ran the stand with help from family members Jeanne, Bundy, and Pepe. To accommodate the growing number of patrons, Normand added a self-service dining room with 70 seats in 1966. In 1968, he built room for an additional 70 seats, and in 1970, the outside deck was added. With all the additions over the years, the take-out section of the current structure is the only remaining part of the original hot dog stand. The building has endured some harsh winter storms in the past three decades, most notably the Blizzard of 1978, which deposited 6″ of water in the cellar and a 125-pound boulder in the dining room!

In 1979, Normand’s son Ray, having worked in the restaurant since he was 11 years old, finally bought the Sun and Surf from his father. The restaurant reached its present configuration after major renovations in 1993. The Ramseys welcome you to the Sun and Surf, a family tradition for York Beach Maine dining since 1963.

For more information please visit our website: sunandsurfyork.com. The Sun and Surf is open seasonally midweek and on most weekends from February through November, please call for opening hours.

We also do private parties, functions, weddings and wedding rehearsals at the Sun and Surf Restaurant.  Call (207) 363-2961 or E-Mail us sunandsurf@anchorageinn.com