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York Beach Oceanfront Hotels

A Family Affair

Start a new vacation tradition — or come back to a place that brings warm childhood memories — at one of the most beloved oceanfront hotels in York Beach. With more than 200 rooms and suites that offer multiple layouts and varying views, as well as two outdoor and two indoor swimming pools, fantastic onsite dining, and more, you’ll always find the perfect spot to rest, refresh, and reignite the spark.

Hotel Highlights

  • Two climate-controlled indoor pools
  • Whirlpool spa
  • Seasonal outdoor pool
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Wet deck with water spouts for kids
  • Fitness Room
  • Poolside Café – open seasonally
  • Sun and Surf Restaurant & Beachside Deck

    Exclusively for Ocean Suites Guests
  • Seasonal outdoor saltwater pool
  • Seasonal outdoor hot tub
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York History Timeline


Great Britain's 13 colonies wage war against the Crown during the American Revolutionary War, which resulted in the birth of the United States of America as a new country.

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York History Timeline


On March 15th Maine is admitted to the United States of America, becoming the 23rd state in the new country. It was originally part of Massachusetts and its northern border wouldn’t be finalized until 1842.

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York History Timeline


Anchorage Inn started as the Sea Cottage built in Long Sands Beach by Charles Sayward and Charles A. Grant. It opened to guests in 1871, making it the second oldest hotel in York. It was taken over by Edward E.E. Mitchell, Mr. Grant’s nephew, who worked there for 19 years prior to taking ownership. He renamed it the Mitchell Hotel.

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York History Timeline


The white, 41-foot cast-iron conical tower at the summit of Cape Neddick was constructed, dedicated by the U.S. Lighthouse Service, and put into use in 1879. Located on a small, rocky islet off Route 1A in York Beach, the Nubble Light is said to be the “most photographed” lighthouse in the U.S.

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York History Timeline


The property was purchased by Seares and Ada Duarte. Seares renovated the property and changed the name from the Mitchell House to the Anchorage. He would cook for more than 200 guests in the summer, and Ada often worked in housekeeping. Guests enjoyed their hospitality so much they would return annually, staying in their same guest rooms and sitting at the same table in the dining room. Attention was such that dining tables would be set with a guest’s daily vitamins and medications along with the salt and pepper every evening.

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York History Timeline


Norman “the Boss” Ramsey purchased the hotel from the Duarte family. Sun and Surf Restaurant first appears as The Hot Dog Stand in 1963.

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York History Timeline


The motel building is complete with 48 guestrooms across two floors. In 1968, 16 more rooms with air conditioning were added.

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York History Timeline


Norman’s son, Ray Ramsey, purchased the Anchorage Inn and Sun and Surf Restaurant.

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York History Timeline


After growing the Main building and adding a maintenance bay garage in the 1980s, construction on the Atrium building and its 72 rooms began. It was completed, along with an indoor pool, in 1992.

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York History Timeline


Construction of the Ocean Suites began at the site of the Ramsey family’s original Sears-Roebuck home next to the property. Its 24 suites officially opened to guests in 2008.

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York History Timeline


Renovations to the Atrium guest rooms, pool, and hallway are completed in the spring.

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